"Off you pop! I told you how this ends. Go on. Your death is the only thing that’s going to call off the hunters. I’m certainly not going to do it…”

He is alive. And he knows Sherlock’s pressure points.


“…I die, you live… everything ends.”

"…I’m not a murderer."


ashes: a graphic novel (BBC Sherlock x silent hill crossover)

done with mechanical pencil. A5 each grid. edited in ps.

I’m not giving this up…well, not completely :p

Sherlock + Jumping

You missed one. 

  • Grandpa: You know, I think Sherlock and John might end up together.
  • Gramma: You think they're homosexual?
  • Grandpa: Not really.
  • Gramma: So what do you mean you think they'll end up together?
  • Grandpa: (frustrated) I think that they're perfect for each other! I mean, just look at them together!
  • Gramma: (raises an eyebrow)
  • Grandpa: Stop with the homosexual! They should be with each other because they GO together! They make each other happy! Isn't that what being in a good relationship's about?
  • Grandpa: Saying someone's homosexual is like saying I love blonds.
  • Gramma: You do like blonds dear.
  • Grandpa: But you're not blond.
  • Gramma: No... I'm not.
  • Grandpa: You never have been! I feel in love with you with brown hair and stayed in love when you turned grey. I love you for you. Grey or brunette, young or old. Just like John and Sherlock.
  • Gramma: (smiling)
  • Grandpa: John may like women like I like blonds, but that doesn't mean he's going to ignore someone perfect for him just because it's not a woman. And Sherlock clearly loves him.
  • Gramma: I thought you said he's not interested in any of that.
  • Grandpa: Maybe not in other people. But look how he looks at John! He looks at him like I looked at you on our wedding day. It's love. Not something so trivial as whether he's a man or woman.
  • Grandpa: (out of breath)
  • Gramma: I knew I married you for a reason.





"Sherlock BBC" cosplay (female version)
"Double N" project

fem-Sherlock by Silent Rip
fem-John by me

make up by me too ))
photo by Roman Gloss


Okay, so I managed to get my hands on the script of Sherlock Season 3 episode 3 and Season 4. Only read this if you’re ready to deal with spoilers (and crackpot theories).

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Season 3 Episode 3: His last vow

Scene 1: Mary is in the hospital, about to give birth. John is holding her hand, and Sherlock is holding Watson’s hand.

Sherlock (frowns): Why am I even here? I’m not the father.

John (squeezing his hand tighter, making Sherlock cringe): Because people love to watch us three interact. Besides- I’m not going through this all by myself! You are staying here, suffering with me, my best friend.

Mary (chimes in between heavy wheezing breaths): Hey boys, /I’M/ the one giving birth so shut up.

Nurse (in a calming voice): You’re doing great, ma’am. Just a few more pushes. I can already see the head. Yes, good.

Nurse suddenly gasps and stumbles back in a hurry.

Nurse (sounding shocked and panicked): Oh my God! What is that?

Sherlock pulls forcefully away from John’s hand and quickly pushes past the nurse. A moment later he stares at the baby sitting between Mary’s legs. It is a boy holding a tiny rifle in his hands, glaring up at the other man.

Baby (in a squeaky voice): So we finally meet, Holmes!

Sherlock (surprised but not shocked): I knew it! It is…Sebastian Moran!

The baby aims the rifle at Sherlock and fires a single shot, Sherlock falls backwards to the ground.

Everybody: Sherlock!

Nurse (in a grave voice): I…He…he’s dead! Possibly.

Everybody: Damn it. Not again! Now the fans have to wait another two years.

Scene 2: Mary is fleeing with the baby in a sports car. Moran is wearing diapers by now, cigarette shaped pacifier in his mouth, baby sized Ray Ban sunglasses on his nose. Somebody has drawn chest hair and stubble on him with a Sharpie. John is on pursuit of the deadly duo.

John (shouting furiously out of his car window, shaking his fist at the fleeing two): I will get you! I will get you and take revenge for killing my best friend! And if it’s the last thing I ever do! This is my last vow!

The scene fades into black as the cars drive off into the horizon.

Season 4- Summary of all three episodes.

John managed to hunt the duo down. All three have reached the Reichenbach Falls, cars abandoned as they stand near the falls. John’s face is red from running up the mountain after them, panting and gasping for breath.

John (out of breath): I finally found you. Now I can take revenge for the murder of my best friend! Mary! How could you do this to me? I thought you loved me!

Mary (sounding a bit regretful): I’m sorry John but I loved Moriarty first. And just so you know- Moran is not your son but Jim’s. I prepared him for this moment by having him listen to Staying Alive and The thieving magpie during the last nine months.

John (thoughtful): I knew that song felt familiar… But nonetheless! You betrayed me! You broke my heart! Now it is time for…

John stops as he hears music nearby. Staying Alive plays somewhere in the distance. All three head in a hurry towards the source just to find a cave hidden behind the falls. Inside they find a large waterbed covered in silken sheets, a bottle of champagne, two glasses and a cooler standing next to it. On the bed are Sherlock and Jim, latter in a Westwood pajama. The music has stopped by now. Jim and Sherlock are gazing deeply into each other’s eyes, leaning in closer for a kiss.

John (shocked voice): Sherlock!

Mary (shocked voice as well): Jim!

Moran (holding a voice modulator to his throat to sound manlier): Moran.

Jim and Sherlock freeze on the spot then they hastily scramble off the bed.

Sherlock (looking nervous): Oh…ahem…hello John. How nice to see you.

John: How could you, Sherlock!

Jim meanwhile waves at Mary who huffs and places her hands on her hips.

Mary: James Theobald Moriarty! I’m expecting an explanation for….this. (makes a sweeping gesture)

Next scene- John is running after Sherlock in a Loony Toons-esque way, as both head towards the sunset, growing smaller and smaller in the distance.

Sherlock: John, I can explain this! I promise!

John: Just how you explained how you did it? The fans are still waiting! Come back here, you…!

Jim, Mary and Moran stand on top of the Falls, watching the two disappear.

Mary (turns to Jim): Well then, that’s that. And what are we going to do now?

Jim: I heard they are casting Team Rocket for the new live action Pokemon Movie. Moran would make a fantastic Meowth. After all we have to get in a tiger reference, as vague as it is. Let’s go my darlings.

Jim links arms with Mary and Moran who ends up dangling over the ground as they all slowly walk away.

The scene fades to black.

The End.